Majestic Asset Management, Inc.

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Majestic Asset Management, Inc.

5142 Clareton Drive, Suite 200
Agoura Hills, CA 9130

Tel: 818.348.2909
Fax: 818.348.2922
Email: [email protected]


    Our Vision

    Deliver exceptional value and experiences for investors, employees, tenants and service providers affiliated with Majestic Asset Management, Inc.

    Our Mission

    To be recognized as a role model for tenant satisfaction, team member engagement, profitability and operational efficiency.

    Our Values

    • Tenant Satisfaction – Providing the highest level of consistent service and response.
    • Integrity – Doing the right thing at all times and in all circumstances.
    • Empowerment – Taking initiative and making decisions to solve problems and improve service and performance.
    • Teamwork – Individual commitment to a group effort.
    • Organizational and Personal Learning – Implementing processes for the individual, the work unit, and the organization to drive continuous improvement that increases and shares knowledge.
    • Performance – Delivering and rewarding results.
    • Trust – Keeping our promises