Majestic Asset Management, Inc.

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Majestic Asset Management, Inc. pursues excellence with a passion. Our strategic foundation, which is comprised of our Mission, Vision, Values and Objectives, defines the guiding purpose, values and ethical principles of our team members. It is the foundation of how we operate and create goals.

Our Vision

To be recognized as a role model for tenant satisfaction, team member engagement, profitability and operational efficiency.

Our Mission

To deliver exceptional value and experiences whether living, leasing, building, working or employed with Majestic Asset Management, Inc.

Our Values

  • Tenant Satisfaction – Providing the highest level of service consistently and response promptly.
  • Integrity – Doing the right thing at all times and in all circumstances.
  • Empowerment – Taking initiative and making decisions to solve problems and improve service and performance.
  • Teamwork – Individual commitment to a group effort.
  • Organizational and Personal Learning – Implementing processes for the individual, the work unit, and the organization to drive continuous improvement that increases and shares knowledge.
  • Performance – Delivering and rewarding results.
  • Trust – Keeping our promises.

Our Objectives

Majestic is constantly focusing on our tenants, employees and investors. We will continue to search for opportunities to increase investor’s returns, improve tenants’ experience and enhance employee prospects thru acquisitions, dispositions and resources alignment to achieve optimal operational efficiency.

Operations: Tenants’ satisfaction is one of our most important priorities. Tenants provide the income required for Majestic to be profitable, which in turn allows investors and employees to reap the benefits. We must remain humble and appreciative of tenants at all times with operations constantly evolving to provide the best service efficient operations mitigate issues from negatively affecting the bottom line in our financials. Lastly, employees’ experiences at Majestic will be enhanced by optimal processes, tasks, training and communication.